Helping the Gulf

< class="art-postheader">Do you live on the Gulf Coast? Please Take this Important Pre- and Post-Oil Spill Health Survey

If you live on the Gulf Coast and feel that your health has been impacted by the Gulf Oil Disaster, please fill out this survey. This survey is intended to gather information and raise awareness about symptoms that are occurring in the Gulf Coast population. Filling it out will take… Continue reading

< class="art-postheader">Black Oil, Red Blood Now Available. Proceeds to Benefit Oil Spill Victims.

I’m thrilled to announce that the legal thriller BLACK OIL, RED BLOOD is now available in print and for Kindle. Other e-book formats will be available shortly.

I used to work for a law firm that sued Big Oil for exposing its employees to carcinogens like benzene and other… Continue reading

< class="art-postheader">Act Now for the Gulf – A short up-to-date guide for citizen activists and other heroes who love the Gulf of Mexico

Below is a special guest post from activist Cherri Foytlin. Thank you, Cherri, for allowing me to share your letter on this blog.

Hello All,

I wish to commend you on your continuing work on behalf of the people still being affected by the 2010 BP Oil Catastrophe. As you… Continue reading

< class="art-postheader">How to Fix the Gulf Safely: Bioremediation

Although initial reports stated the oil dispersant called Corexit was as safe as Dawn soap, recent studies have shown that Corexit contains carginogens and other harmful substances. Earthjustice, in collaboration with Toxipedia, released a report finding that of the 57 ingredients listed in various mixtures of Corexit:

< class="art-postheader">What’s Good in the Gulf: EcoRigs

With all the recent posts highlighting everything bad that’s going on in the Gulf, I wanted to take a beat and talk about what’s good down there. Namely, EcoRigs.


EcoRigs is a non-profit corporation whose mission is to save retired oil rig platforms from removal to be redeployed for… Continue reading