Gulf Oil Disaster

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There’s so much oil-related news going on right now that it’s impossible to pick only one topic for today’s blog post! Instead, here’s a mini-digest of what’s happening right now:

Nope, it’s NOT Deja Vu–BP Spilled Again

This time, the spill was in Alaska in the Lisburne field. A 30,000… Continue reading

< class="art-postheader">BP wants to Stop Payouts from $20 Billion Claims Fund

BP has announced that it wants to stop payouts from the $20 billion fund established to clean up the mess and compensate victims of the Gulf Oil Disaster, according to the Telegraph, a U.K. newspaper. The Telegraph reports that BP believes the Gulf economy is fully recovered,… Continue reading

< class="art-postheader">Oil-Covered Dolphins: One Year Later

A full year after the Gulf Oil Disaster, dead dolphins, some covered in oil, continue to wash up on the Southern coastline. Scientists confirm that at least eight of the dolphins found this spring were covered in oil associated with the 2010 Deepwater Horizon disaster.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric… Continue reading

< class="art-postheader">Gulf Oil Spill Still Not Cleaned Up, Despite Contrary Assurances

Despite President Obama’s and BP’s assurances to the contrary, the Deepwater Horizon Gulf Oil Spill is still not cleaned up.  A huge oil plume remains in the Gulf, and vast amounts of oil remain on the ocean floor, according to reports by Science AAS and Yahoo News.… Continue reading

< class="art-postheader">BP Oil Spill Claims Deadline for Real Estate Professionals is November 23

Real estate professionals who were adversely affected by the Gulf Oil Disaster only have until November 23, 2010 to file a claim for damages. BP’s $20 billion claims fund set aside $60 million to reimburse real estate agents and brokers who were adversely affected.

If you are such a professional,… Continue reading

< class="art-postheader">BP Clears $1.7 Billion Profit Despite Spill

BP cleared $1.7 billion (yes, billion) in profit in its third quarter in spite of the immediate financial consequences of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. Whew. I know I’m relieved. How about you?

More info about BP’s profit despite oil spill

Find out more about the legal thriller, Black… Continue reading