Big Oil and Anti-Clean Energy Ads

Big Oil and Anti-Clean Energy Ads

< class="art-postheader">Response to Joe Nocera’s “BP Makes Amends” Op-Ed Piece in the New York Times

I was a little alarmed to see an op-ed piece in the New York Times this week called “BP Makes Amends,” by Joe Nocera. In this piece, Nocera demonstrates his complete ignorance of the workings of the tort system, criticizes Americans for exercising their Constitutional right… Continue reading

< class="art-postheader">How to Cover Up a Global Disaster: Lessons from the Ongoing BP Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico

A mere two weeks after the Coast Guard gave BP the okay to halt cleanup operations in the Gulf comes BP’s startling announcement that oil is still leaking from the Macondo field. This time, the oil isn’t leaking from the well head or the riser, but through fractures in the… Continue reading

< class="art-postheader">BP America Blues: Shocking Images of Oil and Dead Marine Life on the Beaches Right Now

In an effort to show the world the harm BP has inflicted on the Gulf of Mexico, Gulf Coast Residents have banded together to create a comprehensive presentation of images from the beaches as they are right now. I repeat, these are NOT images from 2010 immediately after the spill.… Continue reading

< class="art-postheader">U.S. Gov’t Helps BP Censor Censor Oil Spill Data?

According to Rikki Ott, marine toxicologist, Exxon Valdez survivor, and Huffington Post contributor, BP and the government may be in cahoots to censor data pertaining to the Gulf Oil Disaster. Read it in her own words here.

The way she sees it, BP went into spin mode right off the… Continue reading

< class="art-postheader">California Voters Kill Big-Oil Sponsored Legislation Supported by Deceptive Advertising

California voters defeated Proposition 23 in the 2010 midterms, successfully killing Big Oil-sponsored legislation that would have suspended greenhouse-emissions regulations, according to the Los Angeles Times.

LA Weekly reported that the legislation was largely funded by Big Oil corporations, including Tesoro, Valero, and Koch Industries, but voters would never know… Continue reading

< class="art-postheader">Big Oil Spends Millions on Anti-Clean Energy Ads in 2010

In a post Gulf-Oil Disaster World, Big Oil is running scared. According to a report on, Big Oil spent nearly 70 million dollars on anti-clean energy ads this year, outspending the clean energy industry by ten to one. These ads are particularly insidious because they don’t come right… Continue reading

< class="art-postheader">Big Oil’s Dirty Secrets–And Why You Should Care

If we woke up tomorrow and there was suddenly no more oil, the only nation in the world that would continue to run smoothly would be Brazil. Why?  Because they’ve long since converted to ethanol. Even though there are serious problems associated with using a potential food source as… Continue reading