< class="art-postheader">Sept 6: Call Your Congessperson and Demand Justice from BP

Taken from the Facebook Group: Civil Disobedience 2011 Style because “The Oil is Still Here and So Are We”

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The day after Labor Day, September 6, 2011 we will issue a wake up call to relevant governmental entities… Continue reading

< class="art-postheader">BP Funds Study on Oil Spill Effects, Attempts to Exert Control over Scientists

BP has set up a $500 million dollar fund to study the effects of the oil spilled during the Deepwater Horizon disaster in 2010. Today, theeagle.com announced that A&M will receive $14.4 million of that $500 million-dollar fund.

Piers Chapman, the head of A&M’s oceanography department says that research will… Continue reading

< class="art-postheader">EPA: Gulf Seafood not 100% Safe

I was interested to come across a video produced by medical educator Trisha Springstead, RN the other day which illustrates the extent to which the BP oil spill poisoned the Gulf. Here’s the gist of it:

The EPA says that an adult person who weighs 176 pounds may safely eat… Continue reading

< class="art-postheader">The BP Spin Machine in Action

Have you seen the damning photographs of fresh oil plumes wafting up over the location of the Deepwater Horizon Disaster? Gulf Coastal newspapers, lawyers, and independent bloggers have reported on the oil plumes in depth in recent days. Scientists have confirmed that the chemical composition of the plumes is the… Continue reading

< class="art-postheader">Macondo Oil Well Spills Again

Knock, knock! Hello? Obama, are you there? Anderson Cooper? Piers Morgan?  The Macondo oil well is spilling again (or perhaps spilling still). Why aren’t you doing anything about it… or even talking about the problem at all? How come the only people who seem to be concerned about… Continue reading

< class="art-postheader">The Oil is Still There, New Raw Video Shows

I happened across the Stuart Smith blog today and saw an article that was just too good not to share.  It begins thus:

BP and its boosters say we dodged a bullet. They beat their chests and shout from the treetops that the 200-million-gallon spill off Louisiana’s coast didn’t… Continue reading

< class="art-postheader">BP Funds Lobbying Group which Aims to Eliminate Federal Safety Regulations on Offshore Drilling

Today’s top story on OilSpill Daily reveals that only a year after the Deepwater Horizon oil spill disaster, BP is funding a lobbying group whose goal is to completely eliminate federal safety regulations on deep water drilling. Read the original story.

As the top funder of this year’s American Legislative… Continue reading

< class="art-postheader">U.S. Gov’t Helps BP Censor Censor Oil Spill Data?

According to Rikki Ott, marine toxicologist, Exxon Valdez survivor, and Huffington Post contributor, BP and the government may be in cahoots to censor data pertaining to the Gulf Oil Disaster. Read it in her own words here.

The way she sees it, BP went into spin mode right off the… Continue reading

< class="art-postheader">U.S. Gov’t Blames Fishermen, Not BP, for Gulf Sea Turtle Deaths

Yep, you read that right. Even though the Gulf of Mexico sea turtle death rate is six times higher than normal in the wake of the BP oil spill, the government is blaming shrimp fishermen. . . not BP. Never mind that these same shrimp fisherman couldn’t even fish… Continue reading

< class="art-postheader">Oil News Digest

There’s so much oil-related news going on right now that it’s impossible to pick only one topic for today’s blog post! Instead, here’s a mini-digest of what’s happening right now:

Nope, it’s NOT Deja Vu–BP Spilled Again

This time, the spill was in Alaska in the Lisburne field. A 30,000… Continue reading