< class="art-postheader">What’s Good in the Gulf: EcoRigs

With all the recent posts highlighting everything bad that’s going on in the Gulf, I wanted to take a beat and talk about what’s good down there. Namely, EcoRigs.


EcoRigs is a non-profit corporation whose mission is to save retired oil rig platforms from removal to be redeployed for use in sustainable fisheries, recreational fisheries, fish sanctuaries, renewable energy, sequestration of greenhouse gases, and other beneficial environmental applications.

The northwest Gulf of Mexico is home to 3,800 oil and gas platforms, and 1/3 of those platforms are scheduled to be removed during the next five years. The problem with this is that these defunct rigs have become complex coral reef ecosystems, and removing them would destroy 1800 acres of coral reef habitat and 7 billion invertebrates, including federally protected sceractinian corals, octocorals, hydrozoans, and gorgonians.

A report by Stanley and Wilson reveals that 10,000-30,000 adult fish reside around each platform in an area about half the size of a football field. EcoRigs is dedicated to preserving these rich habitats.

Have a look at their excellent work:

To learn more about EcoRigs or to contribute to their efforts, visit the EcoRigs web site here.

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