< class="art-postheader">A Collection of Videos and Pictures of Oil and Corexit on the Beaches Before AND After Hurricane Lee

Here it is: videographic evidence of massive amounts of oil and Corexit all over the Gulf beaches, both before and after Hurricane Lee. I want to emphasize that this is happening NOW. These are not shots from 2010. If you ask me, this is pretty damning evidence that the BP Gulf spill is not cleaned up–and that  oil in the Macondo Prospect could still be gushing through cracks in the sea floor. Why this is not major news is beyond me.

Thanks go out to the photographers and videographers who captured these images. (Credits can be viewed by clicking through to YouTube.)

All right: Here’s what people have found so far Post Lee:


Bay Saint Louis Beach


Pensacola Beach


Santa Rosa Beach


Bon Secour National Wildlife Refuge

Not much of a refuge, huh?


Bay Saint Louis Beach


Toxic Corexit Foam Mess


More Toxic Corexit Foam


Tarballs in Alabama (Associated Press)

Bay Saint Louis Beach, September 9, 2011

by Charles Taylor

Oil on the Beach at Bay Saint Louis, September 9, 2011

Oil Everywhere: Bay St. Louis

Oil on the Beach at Bay St. Louis


Dead Baby Dolphin in Biloxi


Dead Baby Dolphin on Biloxi Beach

From the Gulf Restoration Network:

Oil on the beach, courtesy of the Gulf Restoration Network
See more images on their Flickr Stream here.


And here’s what was already out there BEFORE Lee–Most of these videos were taken in August 2011. This all appears to be fresh oil:


Visit On Wings of Care for more pictures and video like the above.

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