< class="art-postheader">Even More Reports of Tar Balls, Fresh Oil, and Corexit on the Gulf Beaches and in the Water Right Now

I’m encouraged to see that local media is at least reporting on the tar balls and tar mats, but I have yet to see any reports about where the fresh oil is coming from and what will be done about it, except from. . . Al Jazeera?   What’s wrong with this picture?

Meanwhile, BP continues to run television and radio commercials stating that the Gulf is fresh, clean, and open for business. They are also the U.S. Olympic Team sponsors. Methinks some of those PR millions would be better spent cleaning up the mess or compensating victims of the spill!

Oil and Dead Sea Life on the Gulf Coast August-September 2011

by Emma Peel
Music and Lyrics by Dr. John

Hancock County

By Coastal Justice


Pensacola Beach

Florida Panhandle

“My doctors know I’m positive for the chemicals. Proof test positve. They still say it is hard for them to say it is definitly from the gulf. From my home I could smelled the dispersant being sprayed. They are still spraying at night. Why is our government allowing BP to run our country? You should have been down here last summer. Military, blockades, no photos allowed, no questions, local cops given rights to police water ways. Much has gone unknown and and unsaid. Stop poisoning us!”


Fourchon Beach


Al Jazeera Reports on a Fresh Spill

Al Jazeera reports on fresh spill in Macondo

Fifteen months after BP’s crippled Macondo Well in the Gulf of Mexico caused one of the worst environmental disasters in US history, oil and oil sheen covering several square kilometers of water are surfacing not far from BP’s well.

Al Jazeera flew to the area on Sunday, September 11, and spotted a swath of silvery oil sheen, approximately 7 km long and 10 to 50 meters wide, at a location roughly 19 km northeast of the now-capped Macondo 252 well. Read the Full Story.

Oil in the Ditches

By Laurel Lockamy

Corexit on the Beach

Pensacola Beach

Santa Rosa Beach


Fresh Oil in the Water in the Macondo Prospect

Taken by On Wings of Care

Laurie Lambert’s Yard after Hurricane Lee

Oil in the Yard after Hurricane Lee

Ed Walline Park: Fluorescing Water

Voices from the Gulf

Not exactly pictures of oil on the beach, but a very important message nevertheless.

Voices From The Gulf from Tinkham Town on Vimeo.

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