< class="art-postheader">BP America Blues: Shocking Images of Oil and Dead Marine Life on the Beaches Right Now

In an effort to show the world the harm BP has inflicted on the Gulf of Mexico, Gulf Coast Residents have banded together to create a comprehensive presentation of images from the beaches as they are right now. I repeat, these are NOT images from 2010 immediately after the spill. These images were taken during the past few weeks and months, at a time when BP has engaged in an aggressive, multi-million dollar advertising campaign which proclaims to the country that Gulf beaches are clean, safe, and open for business. Why haven’t they used this money to clean up their mess instead?

Have a look:

Video by Emma Peel. Photography by Laurel Lockamy, Shirley Tillman, Lorrie Williams, Charles Taylor, Denise Rednour, and others.

And now see how BP is actively lying about the damage they’ve done. Get a load of this false advertising:

Don’t be fooled. Spread the word. Write your congressperson and let them know you won’t settle for anything less than justice from BP.

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