< class="art-postheader">BP Funds Lobbying Group which Aims to Eliminate Federal Safety Regulations on Offshore Drilling

Today’s top story on OilSpill Daily reveals that only a year after the Deepwater Horizon oil spill disaster, BP is funding a lobbying group whose goal is to completely eliminate federal safety regulations on deep water drilling. Read the original story.

As the top funder of this year’s American Legislative Exchange Council meeting, BP has contributed substantial funds for promoting a resolution that proposes to end the off-shore drilling moratorium and take regulatory authority away from the federal government, instead granting it to coastal states.

The resolution reads:

“Be it resolved, that the American Legislative Exchange Council strongly urges Congress to end the OCS moratorium and give coastal states the authority to determine whether offshore drilling should be permitted along their coast.”

That would be a pretty good deal for Big Oil, huh? Especially since Texas legislators (including Phil Gramm, Kay Bailey Hutchison, and George W. Bush) have received more money from the Big Oil lobby than any other politicians of our time.  I’m not saying Big Oil owns Texas politicians, but it’s naive to think the millions of dollars the industry donates to campaign funds and lobbying efforts wouldn’t influence policy in some way–and sometimes even in shocking ways. Let’s not forget that Texas Congressman Joe Barton actually had the nerve to apologize to BP when our federal government asked them to clean up their own mess.

We can’t rely on our state politicians to keep our coastal waters safe–especially the ones who have taken millions of dollars in campaign funds from the biggest and dirtiest industry in the world.

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