< class="art-postheader">BP wants to Stop Payouts from $20 Billion Claims Fund

BP has announced that it wants to stop payouts from the $20 billion fund established to clean up the mess and compensate victims of the Gulf Oil Disaster, according to the Telegraph, a U.K. newspaper. The Telegraph reports that BP believes the Gulf economy is fully recovered, saying: “There is no basis to assume that claimants, with very limited exceptions, will incur a future loss related to the oil spill.”

Really? Because meanwhile, other experts predict that the 2011-2012 brown shrimp season will produce shrimp at lower than average rates. Furthermore, Gulf residents and scientists are still finding oil-covered dolphins and other sea life on shorelines more than a year later, and independent scientists have also confirmed that a huge oil plume remains in the Gulf, with a 2-inch thick oil slick blanketing the ocean floor for 80 miles around the Deepwater Horizon rig.

As of this month, only $4.5 billion of the established $20 billion fund has been paid out to 195,000 claimants, which gives rise to the question–where will the rest of the money go?

How can we let them get away with this? What are your thoughts?

BP wants to stop Oil Spill Payments

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