< class="art-postheader">Gulf Oil Spill Still Not Cleaned Up, Despite Contrary Assurances

Despite President Obama’s and BP’s assurances to the contrary, the Deepwater Horizon Gulf Oil Spill is still not cleaned up.  A huge oil plume remains in the Gulf, and vast amounts of oil remain on the ocean floor, according to reports by Science AAS and Yahoo News. The mess is at least two inches thick and covers a slew of dead sea creatures and vegetation. And the damage appears to still be quite widespread. University of Georgia researcher Samantha Joye found two inch deep oil deposits covering the ground as far away as 80 miles from the Deepwater Horizon rig.

Joye told Yahoo: “I expected to find oil on the sea floor. I did not expect to find this much. I didn’t expect to find layers two inches thick. It’s weird the stuff we found last night. Some of it was really dense and thick.”

According to Joye, the fact that the oil settled on top of freshly dead animals and vegetation makes it unlikely that the oil could have come from any other source besides the Deepwater spill.

Besides the oil slick on the ocean floor, scientists have confirmed that a huge plume of oil still floats beneath the surface. The plume is 35 kilometers long and is floating at a depth of  1,100 meters. Scientists expect the toxicity of this plume to kill sea vegatation and coat any marine animals that swim through it. Additionally, scientists expect to see the formation of low or no-oxygen dead zones that cannot support any sea life at all.

Scientists are not certain why the plume formed. Typically, oil floats to the surface, but the depth of the spill may play a part in the plume’s formation.

I find it astounding that despite clear evidence of the plume, the oil on the ocean floor, and the known toxic effects of oil, no one seems concerned about this. Is America’s attention span really that short? Or has the rage dissipated simply because the President and BP have lied and said the spill is over and everything has been cleaned up?

How gullible are we, America? Are we supposed to believe everything Big Oil says in their PR campaigns just because we see it on TV?

What’s your two cents?

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