< class="art-postheader">Big Oil Spends Millions on Anti-Clean Energy Ads in 2010

In a post Gulf-Oil Disaster World, Big Oil is running scared. According to a report on treehugger.com, Big Oil spent nearly 70 million dollars on anti-clean energy ads this year, outspending the clean energy industry by ten to one. These ads are particularly insidious because they don’t come right out and say they are anti-clean energy. Instead, they use scare tactics which try to make people believe that any type of clean energy legislation will result in higher taxes, higher gas prices, and widespread poverty.

This is Big Oil’s standard line. Any time legislation comes down that threatens their bottom line, they spend millions insisting that the legislation is bad for you, the little guy, because it will result in higher gas prices and place an undue burden on the taxpayer.

What people don’t seem to understand is that higher gas prices would not be a problem if we had any energy alternatives. Until people get smart enough to refuse to fall prey to Big Oil’s scare tactics and vote in legislation that opens the door for clean energy alternatives, we are all slaves to Big Oil. Who cares if gas prices go up if there’s an alternative? Right?

And as for the “higher taxes” scare tactic, Big Oil acts like we don’t already pay taxes out the kazoo for the privilege of using gasoline. Every time you fill up your tank, 15% of the purchase price pays federal, state and local gasoline taxes. The next time a clean energy bill comes up, ask yourself. . . how much would this cost me in taxes compared to the 15% I already pay for gasoline? If it costs less–it’s a no-brainer. Vote for it!

Don’t allow yourself to be fooled by Big Oil’s higher gas prices and higher taxes scare tactics! Look at the facts. Ask yourself whether you’d be better off with an alternative, or whether you’d rather subject yourself and your children to the toxins that are a part of every day life with Big Oil. Don’t fall for the subterfuge–vote for clean energy.

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